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“Dr. Nicole and Staff are amazing. I would recommend her to any woman that needs cosmetic surgery. Even more, I would highly recommend her for women’s health. Including, but not limited to hormones, skin issues, and nutrient counseling. She will help you become the healthy, beautiful person you are meant to be.”

“I looked 8 years for a surgeon I could trust. When I scheduled my consult Dr. Nicole took such care and consideration. I knew the second I left I had found my surgeon. My surgery went well and I couldn’t have asked for better results. She is a very skillful, knowledgeable surgeon. I loved my experience with her.”

“I always look forward to my visits with Dr. Nicole and the staff. Everyone is friendly and courteous and they always make me laugh. The quality of care is the best in Tulsa, I am so glad I found them!”

“My experience with Dr. Nicole was very pleasant she is extremely down to earth and straight forward. I have been researching cosmetic surgeons for about 6 months and was determined to have my procedure done before the end of the year was up. I am a mother of 3 very young children and I knew going out of state was truly not ideal for me. She was the only doctor in the Tulsa area that I truly felt comfortable with and I liked her work she makes ladies look normal not like a barbie meaning if you have cushion before you will have cushion afterwards just shaped up to show your best figure. The true results of your new shape will come from diet exercise, I know its cliche but it is what it is. Dr. Nicole does an amazing job at getting the ball rolling for you. At her consultation, she didn’t rush me, she didn’t make me wait an inconsiderable amount of time before being seen, she answered all my questions and when I told her I had a notepad full of questions that I left behind while rushing to the appointment she said no worries call or text me anytime and I will answer your questions. Once I had my procedure done her bedside manner was superb she called and when I didn’t answer (due to being a sleep) she left a message and sent a text, she also made sure I had her contact numbers to best reach her in the event that I had any questions or concerns.”

“I loved my experience at Dr. Nicole’s office. No wait, staff nice, Dr. Nicole rocks. But my surgery experience/outcome was the best.
After visiting many different doctors for consults on BA I decided to go with Dr. Nicole not only because I felt a woman understands a woman’s body but also because of the comfort level of her expertise, knowledge and also the fact that she would be the one seeing me for every pre and post appt. I am so glad I chose to have this procedure. I feel and look beautiful, fill out my cute tops for the first time in my life.”

“I went to Dr. Nicole for my first cosmetic surgery procedure. I chose her because she not only spent an entire hour with me for my consult she also spent quality time with me for every pre and post op appointment. I was so pleased with the outcome of my procedure but also her caring and personal touch. I highly recommend her.”

“I initially went to Dr. Nicole based upon her medical and surgical qualifications even though she seemed young, (at least to me). Her qualifications are outstanding. She has an eye for what will benefit you cosmetically and is current on all the procedures and products, but what kept me coming back was a comment that I received from a well known male plastic surgeon in Tulsa that I went to for fillers and Botox. He told me “Just keep smoking, (smirk, smirk); that will give me help my bank balance. When I came to Dr. Nicole, she told me it was imperative to quit smoking before she would consider any surgery and really encouraged me to quit. While it took me a while to do so, I am smoke free now for 6 month. So you have an award winning, well qualified surgeon with integrity and that artistic eye that will enhance your well being and your looks. Her staff is great and she is very personable and professional. I love the work she has done on me and she comes highly recommended.”

“At 61, I wanted to fulfill a dream..a tummy tuck! Always having a tummy even though I am a small framed woman, I resorted to wearing larger clothes so my tummy wouldn’t show. I had two consultations with other cosmetic surgeons before I found Dr. Castellese. My first appointment with her was very informative. She covered all of my medical history and requested special blood work and an ekg before doing the surgery. She covered all aspects of the surgery as well post op.. Her caring nature and her love for her profession is so very obvious. She is definitely “hands on”, doesn’t have a nurse in the office that you have to talk to. You talk to her or her office admin (yea Christine. your awesome). My husband was really impressed with her easy demeanor and thoroughness. He loves the results as well . My surgery went great, the results were beyond my expectations. I am so proud of my appearance and shopping for the new me is exhilarating. Thank you Dr. Castellese for making my dreams come true. Love to you and Christine! BUT get ready! I’m coming back for more!”

“I had liposuction done by Dr. Nicole Castellese. She preformed such an amazing job, and I’m very happy that I had it done. Her staff and office are exceptional and very professional. I felt completely at ease at all my appointments, especially the day of my procedure. Her and the staff explain everything and answer all your questions. They care about your privacy and want you to be as comfortable as possible. I would highly recommend Dr. Nicole Castellese to my family and friends, as I am very pleased. Thank you all so much!”

“I recently had a procedure done and just wanted to say how happy I was with the TOTAL experience. From start to finish, I was taken care of and am THRILLED with my results. If you want the best, see Dr. Castellese!”

“Dr. Castellese and her staff are very caring and eager to answer questions. You can tell that they truly enjoy what they do! I had a breast augmentation done and I LOVE IT. I look very natural and proportionate. Thank you for everything. You have truly changed my life.”

“I cannot say enough about Dr. Castellese and Christine. I was made to feel comfortable every step of the way. They were always very professional. I was very pleased with my experience and would recommend Dr. Castellese to anyone interested in a procedure.”

“I got my thighs reduced by lipectomy in combination with laser liposuction. Dr. Nicole Castellese is a perfectionist and did an excellent job. She is a very caring and compassionate doctor. I am very pleased with the results and I feel so much better about my appearance.”

“After consulting and searching for the “right” surgeon, I decided Dr. Castellese was the one! She presented herself in a very professional manner and was also very informative about the surgery. I left the office with no questions! I was very nervous about getting a breast lift and augmentation, but with her compassion and reassurance, I had realized I was making a good decision. Now, two months later, I am extremely impressed with the outcome of my appearance! I have very little scarring , they feel and look natural. I am so grateful to Dr. Castellese and her professional skills. I also want to thank her wonderful office staff. I would highly recommend her to my friends and family.”

“At my annual eye exam, I asked for referrals for an eyelid lift. Dr. Castellese was recommended not only for her surgical skills, but also for her caring approach to meet a patient’s needs. At my consultation she suggested that before addressing the eyelids, that I start on a skin regime, then laser resurfacing, and then see if an eye lift was still needed. What a refreshing approach – she took the time to understand my desired outcome and carefully guided me to the very best results. I have never had so many compliments on my skin!”

“I just wanted to say how extremely happy I am with the results of my surgery. Dr. Castellese was very professional and very thorough. Her after surgical care was wonderful and she always welcomed any questions I may have had! The surgery has given me back the confidence I had before having children and I am so very blessed that I had the procedure with Dr. Castellese. The experience overall was absolutely wonderful!! Thanks to Dr. Castellese and her office.”

“I found Dr. Castellese’s site on the internet when I was looking for facial resurfacing. Some friend of a friend had fraxel done in Ft. Worth and was pleased but had had alot of down time and less than perfect results. I scheduled with two surgeons in Tulsa on the same day and Dr. Castellese was first. I cancelled the second after visiting with Dr. Castellese. She is the warmest yet most professional physician I have ever met. Her office is very relaxing. She took her time and went over everything with me and I knew I wanted her to do the procedure which turned out not to be fraxel but is laser treatment. She fit to my schedule, which was 7 at night, and her staff and her husband were on hand to help. I was never frightened and even had someone to hold my hand. There were no surprises. She kept in touch before and after and I was even invited to be at a function she had for other professionals to show off my procedure. I appreciate that I knew exactly what to expect and she was very concerned and called me almost every day personally to follow-up. She also found a mole on my face and sent me to a dermatologist and it was precancerous and he removed it. I appreciate Dr. Castellese and Christine and all they have done to improve the quality of my life.”

“My experience with my surgery here was outstanding! They are friendly, courteous, and talented! Everything was explained – I hate being surprised, and the follow up was great. I can call with a question and it’s always answered promptly cause they care. If I have another procedure done, it will most definitely be done here!”

“I must tell you that I finally found a doctor that really understands my feelings about looking YOUNG! Dr. Nicole Castellese is extremely knowledgeable and gentle. Understanding, beauty, and a sense of youth is what I receive from Dr. Castellese, I look forward to coming to the office to see Christine and Dr. Castellese. They are a wonderful team and offer excellent care.”

“At the age of 49, I determined that a tummy tuck was a procedure I wished to have. Not knowing if a mini or a full tuck would give me the desired results, I set about to find a doctor who would take time to discuss my objectives and help me make the correct choice. Dr. Castellese was exactly that. She spent all the time I wanted discussing my desires and she provided the input I needed to determine that a full tummy tuck would be the procedure necessary. Her professionalism immediately gave me the confidence I was seeking in physician in order that I be able to trust her recommendations. Dr. Castellese also, has a very caring nature that instilled in me a faith that she understood my objectives and would work hard to fulfill them. She performed the procedure in a very private and convenient location and I was very comfortable throughout. Dr. Castellese was very attentive from my arrival through the phone call that evening to check my progress. One year following the tummy tuck, her suggestions were spot on and I am pleased with results she achieved for me. I consider myself a very discriminating consumer, so when I say that if I were to desire another procedure in the future, I would use Dr. Castellese without hesitation that is a resounding affirmation of my level of confidence and satisfaction in Dr. Castellese.”

“I have known Dr. Castellese since high school, and even then she said she would be a cosmetic surgeon someday. There is no doubt in my mind she is great, because she is great at everything she does. When I reach the point and am ready for procedures, I will be making a road trip from Rockford, IL just for Dr. Castellese.”

“Dr. Castellese and Christine are the reason I choose ASIA. The minute I walk in the door I always get a warm wonderful greeting and smile from Christine who always makes me feel comfortable. Christine always works with me if I have to change an appt. time and never makes me feel put off by it. I keep looking at my face and I just want to smile all of the time. I would do this again in a heartbeat.”

“From the moment I met Dr. Castellese, I knew I had found the right surgeon. I felt an immediate connection to Dr. Castellese and Christine. Anytime I called with a question, Christine was so knowledgeable; and if she needed to consult with Dr. Castellese, I always received a quick call back. I was so pleased to have found a fantastic caring surgeon who cared about my well being! The compassion she showed me as a patient put any reservations I had about having surgery to rest. The information booklet she put together prior to surgery was so informative, my husband or myself could reference the book and the answer to any question was there. I do believe that her personal commitment to helping me achieve my goal had a positive outcome on my results. I absolutely love what Dr. Castellese did for me, my tummy tuck looks amazing!!”

“Dr. Castellese always makes you feel comfortable and important. She is never is a rush with you and always pays attention to all your concerns.Dr. Castellese is very detailed in what she does and the results show for it. Why would you go somewhere else, when you have the best at ASIA.”

“I highly recommend Dr. Nicole Castellese! Never having had a cosmetic procedure before, I was VERY nervous arriving at my first appointment. I started to feel more relaxed in her waiting room. She arranges appointments in such a way that you are not crowded in a room with lots of other prospective patients. The first person I talked to was Christine, who is knowledgeable and kind and put me at ease immediately. Dr. Castellese then carefully explained the procedure to me and answered any questions I had. She even gave me her cell phone # in case I thought of additional questions later. The surgery went smoothly, and Dr. Castellese was really flexible for the follow up appointment dates, so I could make appointments after work, which was wonderfully convenient for me. We are so blessed to have her in Tulsa!”

“I was thrilled to have found Dr. Castellese in the Tulsa People column, and when I had my first interview I was confident I had picked the right surgeon for my procedures. Dr. Castellese was most professional and you could tell sincerely interactive in determining what procedures would work best for me. At every appointment she was attentive and answered my questions thoroughly. I have been extremely pleased with the results. She took her time during my surgery to remove an excess amount of built-up scar tissue to give me a smooth and firm result. I highly recommend Dr. Castellese.”

“Dr. Castellese is a wonderful surgeon, and her bedside manner can not be beat! I am also a physician, and after going to several surgeons in town, I knew she was the best fit the minute I spoke with her. She and Christine made me feel less nervous at the idea of undergoing surgery, and their respect of privacy put me at ease as well. Even my boyfriend thought she did a fantastic job, and is going to see her for himself! My results are better than I expected. Dr. Castellese was honest about all my options and the likely outcomes of each. She tried to give me the best choice for what I was looking for, and she succeeded! Thank you so much Dr. Castellese!!”

“I met Dr. Castellese through a mutual friend. I was impressed from the beginning with my initial consultation. The practice that Dr. Castellese has created is truly unique. She first guided me through the process of starting a new skin care program, which I love. I turned 40 this year and after raising three boys decided it was “moms” time to get my body back in shape. I had worked hard for the past couple of years to lose 25lbs and keep it off by adding in exercise to my daily routine. I couldn’t get the results in my tummy area from exercising alone because of the extra skin so I chose the full tummy tuck. I cannot brag enough about my experience. I felt very comfortable as a result of Dr. Castellese’s bedside manner, which is second to none as well as her operating facility and staff. Her husband was one of two Anesthesiologist on site which added to my comfort level right before surgery. I also had some unwanted moles removed during surgery. I love that Dr. Castellese offers a wide range of services and that she relates to me as a woman. Thank you Dr. Castellese for a wonder experience!!!!!”

“I am AMAZED at my results from traditional/SLIM lipo on the hips and thighs. They keep getting better over time! I can’t believe how differently clothes fit me now. Dr. Castellese is such an artist!”