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The Y Lift™

This revolutionary, minimally invasive facial contouring technique is based on a “structural volumizing” philosophy. As we age, volume and underlying support are gradually lost and absorbed by our bodies. The Y Lift™ restores lost volume and youthful facial contours. 

The uniqueness of the Y Lift™ is that it not only revives your ideal youthful shape, but also enhances and beautifies natural features, making the procedure suitable for all ages. It accentuates the cheekbone region, rejuvenates the under-eye area, and defines the jawline and upper neck instantly. It requires no incisions, stitches or general anesthesia.

The Concept

The Y Lift™ is a specialized technique that has been developed as a way to strategically and precisely correct the effects of aging. The youthful face is characterized by a Y shape, with more width existing in the upper two-thirds of the face. The cheeks are more pronounced and the brow bone round and high, like the arms of a Y. The lower third of the face ends with the stem of the Y marking the chin. 

With age, fatty deposits degrade and fall from the upper areas of the face to the lower, effectively inverting the Y that gave the face a more youthful appearance. In some instances, natural facial structure neglects to follow this rule of proportions. In either situation, the Y Lift™ may be an outstanding method of facial enhancement. The procedure is beneficial for both women and men.

The Procedure

A Y Lift™ may take as little as a 30 minutes or up to an hour and a half to complete. No sedation or anesthesia is required. A special instrument is used to “map” facial topography. This step guides the placement of filler product for the most aesthetically pleasing results. 

After markings are made and the face has been cleansed, treatment begins with several injections of lidocaine, which help make the procedure comfortable. After the areas to be injected are numbed, the skin is punctured with a needle to permit the insertion of a blunt-tip cannula to a precise depth below muscle tissue, just above the bone structure. Dermal filler is inserted through the  cannula and then sculpted and massaged by hand to achieve the desired contouring. Each targeted area is treated in the same manner by Dr. Nicole. 

The Y Lift™ is an outstanding non-surgical option for facial rejuvenation. The procedure can be combined with other treatments, such as laser resurfacing, Secret RF microneedling and/or Venus tightening, as well as a skin care regimen to obtain a highly sought after natural rejuvenation. Lip filler can further enhance the result. 

Results and Recovery

The results of a Y Lift™ treatment are immediately visible, even if minor swelling occurs. Patients may be advised to sleep on their back for a few nights and to avoid touching their face. Makeup should not be applied to the injection sites for a couple days. Strenuous exercise, including heavy lifting, should be avoided for a few weeks.

A follow up visit for further contouring massage may be scheduled for the day after the Y Lift™. There is minimal downtime after a Y Lift™. Injections are given with a small cannula, which could lead to mild bruising or redness. Patient swelling varies and is also dependent on the volume injected. However, these common side effects generally last a short time. Results typically last several years, with some maintenance recommended, as the aging process continues.


The Y Lift™ utilizes hyaluronic acid fillers. The number of syringes, filler products used and placement will vary from patient to patient, based on extent of volume loss and patient’s facial structure. The cost therefore varies depending on these factors, as some patients will require more volume than others.  Typically the cost ranges from $5500-$9500. It is possible to “stage” the procedure if needed to accommodate your budget. This is done on a cases by case basis.