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Lip Enhancement/Augmentation

The most common method of enhancing one’s lips with with a temporary hyaluronic acid filler. The procedure is performed in the office with minimal discomfort after apllication of a topical anesthetic. With the injection of filler, it is possible to shape the lips and increase each (upper & lower) to the desired fullness.The wrinkles around the lips can also be improved with filler in the lips or directly within the vertical lines.

I do not recommend permanent lips implants, but they are available. Typical candidates for SurgiSil’s PermaLip™ silicone lip implant include those patients that desire a more permanent option for volumizing their upper and/or lower lip. Most patients electing to have the PermaLip™ silicone implant have already had prior lip enhancement with treatments such as Restylane and Juvederm. These patients are usually quite happy with the results of the injections and believe they can get a similar result with a permanent implant. However, with an implant, you cannot shape the lip or augment the border to reduce wrinkles around the mouth. The implant is tubular silicone, which remains palpable after insertion, unlike fillers which you typically cannot discern after swelling has subsided.