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Dr. Nicole Castellese

Surgeon Bio

Dr. Nicole Castellese was born and raised just outside of Chicago, Illinois. Her hard work and achievements started in her youth, when she was a state champion in competitive gymnastics. Her academics were never overlooked, and she was valedictorian of her high school graduating class.

She attended the University of Illinois in Champaign-Urbana for her undergraduate studies, graduating Summa Cum Laude with Highest Departmental Distinction. Dr. Castellese went on to complete her medical degree at the highly regarded Rush Medical College in Chicago. Rush has been named as one of the top five academic medical centers by the University Health-System Consortium.

Dr. Nicole then completed a five year general surgery residency in New York City at Mount Sinai Cabrini Medical Center. She was asked to be the administrative surgical chief during her final year.

She subsequently completed an accredited face and body cosmetic surgery fellowship in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Dr. Nicole is double board certified with certifications from the American Board of Surgery for general surgery and the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery for face and body cosmetic surgery.

In 2009 Dr. Nicole opened a cosmetic surgery practice, Aesthetic Surgery Institute of America, or ASIA. Her practice moved office locations within midtown Tulsa to its current location on Harvard Avenue near 19th Street. After 9 years, Dr. Nicole transitioned her practice to Institute for Beauty, Wellness & Regenerative Medicine, which better reflects the philosophy, ideals, and vision Dr. Nicole has for her practice.

Dr. Nicole Castellese is also the proud mother of an adorable son, Luca.

Dr. Nicole Castellese brings a new perspective to Tulsa and to all of cosmetic surgery.  Her philosophy and approach to improving and maintaining one’s appearance is healthy and “natural”. Dr. Castellese believes in the importance of a healthy lifestyle, in both mind and body. Here are some of the surgeon’s thoughts:

“Cosmetic surgery is a fascinating field of medicine, especially given the advances technology offers both the patient and the physician.” Dr. Castellese feels that combining the best equipment with excellent surgical technique produces the finest results.  “We can do so much today, and by incorporating the most effective lasers available on the market, I can obtain amazing outcomes for my patients.”

But Dr. Castellese feels strongly about not taking cosmetic surgery lightly.

“Trying to change a physical attribute may not make a patient happy in some instances; this realization is something many patients do not consider. The pursuit of surgery or other cosmetic alteration may not be in a patient’s best interest, whether that is because he or she has unrealistic expectations or because he or she is not happy with other aspects of his or her life. I try to understand what my patients would like to change and see how I can help.  As a cosmetic surgeon, I feel it is very important to take the time to understand a patient’s motivations for what they are seeking.”

“The pressure to look a certain way seems to be greater than ever. It is especially difficult for women to feel good about themselves given the “standards” society portrays as normal.”

Dr. Castellese understands the pressure women feel to meet this expectation, and she can relate to the changes women go through during pregnancy and childbirth. Setting realistic goals and incorporating healthy living are priorities for Dr. Castellese. This is something she attempts to incorporate in her own life, as she is a mother and a surgeon, and finding balance is important.

“Beauty and confidence are more closely linked than people often realize.”

To find balance in both attaining your ideal face and body and having a positive self-image are goals of Institute for Beauty, Wellness & Regenerative Medicine.