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Meet Rebecca Fuller


Rebecca Fuller

Becca strives to provide quality permanent makeup in Tulsa, OK. Not only is Becca a licensed Medical Micropigmentologost, she is also a licensed Esthetician and has worked as a Makeup Artist for over a decade. Beauty by Becca, LLC is located inside the Institute for Beauty, Wellness & Regenerative Medicine; Under Dr. Nicole Castellese MD a board certified Cosmetic Surgeon. Becca has also worked as a makeup artist for more then a decade now and making women feel beautiful is her passion. Becca frequently travels for advanced trainings to ensure that you are being offered the best techniques. From Permanent Makeup to 3D Areola Pigmentation, Becca is dedicated to providing top-of-the-line industry beauty care. Becca is well trained using a variety of techniques to give you the brows you’re looking for. From Combination Brows that mimics the natural hair strokes of your brows in the front with powder through the body, Foxy Brows a more pixelated powder brow to Ombré Brows that provide a more powdered, manicured look, be sure to take advantage of all of her brow services, as well as her eyeliner techniques which include Eyelash Enhancement Eyeliner, Softliner, Eyeshadow Eyeliner and the newest technique Foxy Liner! Becca also provides the hottest trend in lips Aquarelle lips more commonly referred to as Lip Blushing. Becca has over 12 years of happy customers and industry experience

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Becca's work, image of client. Becca's work, image of client. Becca's work, image of client. Becca's work, image of client. Becca's work, image of client.