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Laser Liposuction

SLIM Lipo™ & Body Contouring

Dr. Nicole Patel is excited to offer the latest and most effective technologies in body contouring. She is the only physician in Tulsa to offer these procedures.

Laser liposuction with SLIM Lipo™ offers the best minimally invasive treatment for body contouring and skin tightening. The treatment is used in conjunction with water-assisted liposuction by Body-Jet® or traditional suction assisted liposuction to permanently remove the fat. With Body-Jet® you always have the option to transfer your fat & your stem cells.

Areas of minimally invasive treatment include:

  • Neck – tighten loose skin giving enhanced contour & neckline
  • Chest – gynecomastia treatment or other chest/breast liposuction
  • Abdomen – reduce size, improve contour, & tighten skin
  • Back – often combined with treatment of hips
  • Hips – eliminate the “love handles” – great for men & women
  • Thighs – inner and outer thighs can be treated to enhance figure
  • Arms – refine your upper arms
  • Other areas – just ask Dr. Patel at your consultation

At your consultation, Dr. Patel will discuss treatment options available to obtain your goals. All procedures are performed on an outpatient basis. The recovery varies depending on area(s) treated and whether body contouring is combined with other procedures, such as a tummy tuck or fat transfer.