Breast Lift & Reduction

A breast lift, or mastopexy, is a procedure to reposition the nipple areolar complex higher, to a more “aesthetically pleasing” position on the chest. At the same time, heavy &/or hanging skin and breast tissue is removed to give a more lifted appearance.

A breast lift and breast reduction are similar procedures in that both raise the nipple; the difference is the quantity of breast tissue and skin being removed. Some women choose to have an implant placed at the same time as their lift procedure. This allows for more fullness to be obtained without the heaviness and drooping of large natural breasts.

There are various types of breast lifts, some of which require only incisions around the areola and other that include a vertical or possibly a horizontal component.

Dr. Castellese will discuss the options available to get the results you desire. She will explain where your incisions will be and what you can expect in terms of breast size, with or without an implant. The risks for the procedure as well as the recovery period will be discussed at your consultation.

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